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What Is Fensa?


As a Fensa registered company a certificate is issued with every applicable installation, but what is Fensa? do you need it? and what happens if you lose your certificate?

What is Fensa

FENSA is a Competent Person Scheme (CPS) and allows registered double glazing companies to self-certify compliance under the Building Regulations without the need for a separate assessment from Building Control.

FENSA is actually the largest and longest established Competent Person Scheme within the replacement window and door industry, we became an approved member in 2002.

What does this mean for homeowners?

If you use a FENSA member they can sign off their work without local authority involvement.

What installations should have a certificate ?

If you replace windows and/or doors of 50% glass or more in the main body of the building they should have a Fensa certificate.

To help you work out if your installation requires a certificate see the table below.

Product Required
Windows and/or doors of 50% glass or more in the main body of the building Yes
Windows and/or doors of 50% glass or more in the main body of the building installed under a new lintel (the lintel will need to be assessed by Building Control) Yes
Conservatories No
Windows or doors into a porch where the house and porch are separated by an external door. No
Residential garage doors No
Garden rooms No

When do you need your Fensa certificate?

You should always keep your certificate safe (keeping it with your house deeds is a good idea) but the main reason you would need to produce your Fensa document is when you sell your home. The document shows that when you had your windows and doors replaced the installation conformed to building regulations.

How do I reorder my Fensa certificates

Losing Fensa documents does happen but all is not lost you can simply reorder any registered Installation using the link below at a cost of £20 per certificate. If you had all your windows and doors replaced at the same time you will only need to reorder one certificate, but keep in mind if you had items replaced at different times you may need to reorder multiple certificates.

Other FAQs related to Fensa

Who registers my installation to Fensa

For our customers we register all installations for you. This may not be the case for all companies.

What is not covered by Fensa

Extensions/ New build

If you are having an extension or it’s a complete new build your Installations will not require a Fensa certificate as they will be signed off by the building inspector.


If you are having a lintel changed or installed to make a window or door opening smaller/larger this actually comes under building regulations and you will need the lintel installation assessed by Building Control. The window or door under the new lintel will then need to be Fensa registered.

If you have any questions or you need some help feel free to contact us.

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